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A big part of our events are developed, realized and presented together with the project Stella Maris.


DOCVA, Documentation Center for Visual Arts, a documentation center for visual arts organized by Careof and Viafarini, offers to the public a series of services for the promotion and documentation of contemporary art.

O’ is a non-profit organization devoted to contemporary art languages in the most radical approaches. The self-funded and independent O’ was founded in May 2001 by Sara Serighelli and Angelo Colombo. Based in the Isola district of Milano, the interdisciplinary space promotes art exhibitions, lectures, performances, experimental production, concerts and editions.

RAM – RadioArteMobile is based in Rome and is a part of the Zerynthia-Network founded in 1991, doing radio, curating exhibitions, collecting and archiving sounds. RAM begun as a nonmaterial unit for the reception, processing of materials resulting from the contemporary world of visual arts’ intermittent schedule. It then gradually tried to meet the need to give place, or rather places, to this new acoustic sensitivity which is so very specific but also felt as real by the artists in their experience and thought. RAM was one of the first internet radio stations to discuss the field in between the «visual arts» and sound research. – –

Radio Gwendalyn (aka Gwen) was born between Milan and Chiasso in 2005 as a small independent web radio. Developing as a lo-fi project without any particular pretensions, its goal was to present music which never is broadcasted (and still isn’t) on the local FM radios. In 2008 Gwen moved to a garage in Chiasso which quickly became a cult zone. Many people came forward to try out the art of radio and it all became a wonderful opportunity to discover DIY radioing. Radio Gwen founded also Gwenstival, an international music and radio festival.

Kunstmuseum Luzern for Freundeskreise – Circoli degli amici

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Radio Tramontana
Radio Tramontana é una struttura nomade, auto-organizzata e sperimentale che trasmette sporadicamente su internet.
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